The perfect items to enhance your Hookah Lounge

by | May 15, 2024 | Business

In the market, there are countless products that allow you to add a unique touch to your Hookah lounge, so here we list some items that can greatly help your customers have more enjoyable experiences in your establishment, take note:

Wood Laser Base

These wooden bases, in addition to offering protection for your tables, add a special touch to your Hookah with their LED lights, giving an iconic touch to your customers. Not to mention that the wood adds a sophisticated, elegant, and minimalist touch.

Wind Cover Fuck War

Perfect for outdoor venues, in addition to offering protection and heat resistance for the Hookahs, the design of this wind cover also adds a plus to your Hookah lounge. Available in black, silver, and gray, it adds unique touches to your setups.

3D Mouthtips

Want some fun in your Hookah Lounge? Cyril 3D Mouthtips offers a wide variety of personalized mouthpieces that your customers will love. You can even sell them as extra accessories, they will surely love them, becoming the star product of your lounge.

Water Colorant

The vibrant colors of our colorants will make your Hookah setups unique. You can match them with the colors of your shisha or your venue, delivering a personalized experience or branding your brand.

Cooler Handle Hose Set

Summer is here and the heat doesn’t stop, offer cool and unique smoking sessions with the cooler handles. Available in lovely colors, these handles allow the smoke to cool down, refreshing your customers and giving them a unique session in hot weather. Also includes a silicon hose that matches with handle color.

So, there you have it, with these accessories, you can enhance your Hookah lounge and make it unique within your area. Surprise your customers with special items that they will surely love.

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