The top 5 best hookahs for catering or lounges.

by | Apr 30, 2024 | Business

When starting a hookah catering or lounge business, the main concern is: What type of hookah should I offer in my establishment? There isn’t a set rule for what’s best, but there are definitely market favorites. So here are the top five hookahs preferred by hookah businesses.

  1. Alpha Hookah Model X: It’s a frequent choice in hookah lounges due to its modern and attractive design, sturdy stainless steel and glass construction, and smooth and enjoyable smoking sessions. With a variety of included accessories, this hookah provides customers with a complete and satisfying experience. Its reputation as a Russian quality brand in the industry ensures that lounges can offer a memorable experience to their customers on every occasion.
  2. Aeon Premium Hookah is chosen not only for its high-quality stainless steel but also for its ability to offer a shared experience among friends. Its multi-hose design allows multiple customers to enjoy a hookah session together, fostering a social and welcoming atmosphere in your establishment. Furthermore, its colorful bases provide you with the opportunity to have variety in decorating your space, adding a touch of style and vibrancy.
  3. Moze Varity: Whether in its Squad version for multiple smokers, or in its Lounge version with a single hose, this innovative Moze model is one of the best for your lounge or catering needs. Its interchangeable stem allows you to modify the appearance with the different resin sleeves we have available. Additionally, its ability to change the purge, up to seven different options, provides a personalized experience for your consumers.
  4. Zahrah Hookah: If your goal is to have a more traditional lounge or catering service, this brand brings us ideal Hookah models for you. From vibrant colors to models more closely aligned with the origins of the Hookah, it also allows us to give them a unique touch, as its rubber system makes them compatible with a wide variety of bases in the market.
  5. Agni Rock Premium: Available in Titanium and Gold colors, the new Agni Rock adds a sophisticated and elegant touch to your hookah lounge. This minimalist design allows you to play with the aesthetics of your hookah, incorporating menus with fruity designs that give it a unique, fresh, and tropical touch, reminiscent of the great beach clubs

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