Cyril Bowl Sniper

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Precision Heat and Airflow Design

Designed for perfect heat input and air distribution. Made of clay in different colors and finishes.

*All our bowls can be customized*


Specs :
• Type of clay: White chamotte and black.
• Height: 3.2 in
• Diameter: 2.1 in
• Phunnel Diameter: 0.5 in
• Approx. weight of bowl: 0.8 lbs
• Load Capacity: Medium
*All our bowls can be customized*

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Additional information

Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 5 in

Black – Beige, Black – Red, Black – White, Blue, Blue-Brown, Blue-Purple, Brown-Blue, Brown-Green, Brown-Orange, Brown-Purple, Brown-Turquoise, Green, Green – Beige, Green-Turquoise, Green-White, Mix Colors, Orange, Purple, Purple-White, Red, Red black matt, Red-Blue, Rose, Several Color, Silver, Silver-Oxide, Green Black, Honey, Latte, Mustard, Pink – Brown

Cyril Bowl Sniper


Elevate Your Hookah Experience to a New Level


The Cyril Bowl Sniper is a masterpiece of design meticulously crafted to deliver an exceptional smoking experience. Talented designers ingeniously crafted this exquisite bowl to ensure it achieves perfect heat distribution and optimal airflow, resulting in unparalleled hookah sessions.

The craftsmanship behind the Cyril Bowl Sniper is truly impressive. Made from high-quality clay in a variety of colors and finishes, this bowl is a true work of art. The available colors are as diverse as your personal tastes, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your style and preferences. From classic whites to bold blacks, the Cyril Sniper is an expression of elegance and sophistication in every sense.

Regarding technical specifications, the Cyril Bowl Sniper features a clay composition that combines the durability of white chamotte with the beauty of black chamotte. With a height of 3.2 inches and a diameter of 2.1 inches, this bowl is perfect to fit a wide range of hookahs.

Best of all, the Cyril Sniper is fully customizable. Want to make your bowl even more exclusive? From personalized engravings to unique finishes, your Cyril Bowl Sniper can become a truly personal masterpiece.

In summary, the Cyril Bowl Sniper is much more than just a hookah bowl. It is a blend of elegant design, exceptional craftsmanship, and superior functionality. If you’re looking to elevate your smoking sessions to the next level, look no further than this exceptionally designed bowl that is destined to be the center of attention at your hookah gatherings. Take your hookah experience to new heights with the Cyril Bowl Sniper


About Sniper Bowl:


Elevate Your Hookah Experience with Precision Design and Customizability. Crafted from High-Quality Clay in Various Colors and Finishes, Bowl Sniper Offers Perfect Heat Distribution and Airflow for Unparalleled Sessions. Personalize Your Smoking Experience with Custom Options.

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