Le Orange Charcoal Lotus Head 1kg

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Your Shisha Experience with Le Orange Charcoal Lotus Head 1kg


  • Compatible with all heat management systems.
  • Exceptional durability for prolonged sessions.
  • High thermal performance ensures consistent combustion.
  • Produces optimal heat output for intense flavors.
  • Conveniently packaged in 1 kg bags for multiple sessions.
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Additional information

Weight 2.2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in

Le Orange Charcoal Lotus Head 1kg


Exceptional Performance for Enthusiasts


Le Orange Charcoal Lotus Head 1kg are the perfect choice for shisha enthusiasts seeking a superior smoking experience. Designed to be used with all available heat management systems on the market, these coals offer exceptional versatility. Their custom-cut circle shape fits snugly into your heat manager, ensuring even heat distribution and an optimal smoking experience.

What sets Le Orange Charcoal Lotus Head apart is their exceptional durability and high thermal performance. Manufactured to the highest quality standards, these coals provide consistent and prolonged combustion, allowing you to enjoy long smoking sessions without the need for frequent replacements. Their high heat output ensures a constant and optimal temperature for vaporizing your favorite tobaccos, releasing intense flavors and enveloping aromas.

With Le Orange Charcoal Lotus Head, you’ll experience smooth and hassle-free smoking, with a pure and authentic flavor in every inhalation. Packaged in 1 kg bags, you get a generous quantity of coals for multiple shisha sessions, ensuring a continuous and satisfying experience for you and your friends. Elevate your shisha ritual to a new level of excellence with Le Orange Charcoal Lotus Head coals.


About Charcoal Lotus Head 1kg


Designed for compatibility with all heat management systems, these coals ensure optimal heat distribution. With exceptional durability and high thermal performance, enjoy prolonged sessions without frequent replacements. Indulge in intense flavors and aromas, packaged conveniently in 1 kg bags for multiple sessions.

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