Starlight Watermelon Charcoal 33mm

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Effortless Ignition: Premium 33mm Instant Light Charcoal Tablets for Smoke-Free, 45-Minute Hookah Sessions


Tablets for instant ignition are top-quality, scent-free charcoal that effortlessly catch fire.

  • Instant Light pastilles.
  • Last 45 minutes without smoke.
  • Perfect for Hookah.
  • Can be lit with a lighter.
  • Each pill measures 33mm
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Additional information

Weight 2.2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in

Starlight Watermelon Charcoal 33mm


Experience the Ultimate in Ignition with Starlight Watermelon Charcoal Tablets


The “Starlight Watermelon Charcoal 33mm” is an exceptional choice for those seeking the utmost quality in instant ignition tablets. Fragrance-free charcoal tablets preserve ritual purity, allowing undisturbed ceremonies. With impressive ease, these high-quality charcoal tablets ignite quickly and effortlessly, allowing you to dive right into your spiritual experience.

A standout feature of these tablets is their exceptional longevity. Each one has an average burn time of 45 minutes, meaning you can maintain your focus and attention on your practice for an extended period without the constant need for tablet changes. This provides you with a reliable and uninterrupted experience, allowing you to immerse yourself deeply in your rituals without distractions.

The packaging includes 10 rolls of tablets, each individually foil-wrapped to ensure freshness and quality. Each roll contains 10 charcoal tablets with a 33mm diameter, which means you’ll receive an impressive total of 100 tablets in this package. Generous supply for numerous sessions sustains uninterrupted spiritual practice, ensuring you have enough for an extended period of ceremony.

In summary, the “Starlight Watermelon Charcoal 33mm” is the ideal choice for those looking for a high-quality charcoal solution that guarantees instant ignition, extended burn time, and a generous supply. Exceptional purity, ease, durability—immerse in spiritual practices with the best in charcoal tablets, gaining confidence and peace of mind.


About Starlight Watermelon Charcoal


Discover the Excellence of Starlight Watermelon Charcoal 33mm. Our fragrance-free charcoal tablets offer instant ignition and a 45-minute burn time, enhancing your rituals and ceremonies. With 100 tablets in 10 foil-wrapped rolls, you can enjoy uninterrupted practice. Choose the best in charcoal tablets for a premium experience.

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