Three Kings Hookah Charcoal 33mm

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Three Kings: Ignite Your Hookah Bliss with 33mm Quick Lighting Excellence!


Introducing the Top 5 Features of Three Kings 33mm Quick Lighting Hookah Charcoals:

  • High-Quality Smoking Experience: These charcoals are renowned for their quality, ensuring a smooth and flavorful smoke.
  • Quick Lighting Design: Thanks to their rapid ignition, you can start enjoying your hookah in less than a minute.
  • Ample Quantity: Each package includes 10 packs with 10 tablets each, totaling 100 quick-light charcoal tabs.
  • Generous Weight: With a total weight of 1kg (2.2lb), you’ll have enough charcoals for numerous shisha sessions.
  • Versatile Choice: Suitable for both beginners and experienced smokers, offering reliability and clean burning for any occasion.


Three Kings quick lighting hookah charcoals are quality clean-burning hookah coals manufactured in Holland. Just like other brands of quick lighting hookah coals, these coals are easily lit with a lighter or torch lighter and are fully lit in less than a minute. The box contains 10 packs with 10 tablets of 33 mm diameter charcoals totaling 100 quick light charcoal tabs.

Includes: 10 packs
Weight: 1kg – 2.2lb

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Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 in

Three Kings Hookah Charcoal 33mm


The Dutch Delight: Three Kings 33mm Quick-Lighting Hookah Charcoals


Three Kings Charcoal quick lighting hookah charcoals with a 33mm diameter are the perfect choice for any hookah enthusiast seeking a high-quality smoking experience. Manufactured in Holland, these charcoals are renowned for their quality and their ability to burn cleanly and efficiently, ensuring you enjoy a smooth and flavorful smoke during every shisha session.

One of the standout advantages of these charcoals is their ease of use. Thanks to their quick lighting design, you can easily ignite them using a lighter or torch lighter. In less than a minute, they will be fully lit and ready to use, allowing you to enjoy your hookah without long waits or complications.

The package contains a total of 10 packs, each with 10 tablets of 33mm diameter charcoal. This adds up to an impressive total of 100 quick-light charcoal tabs in every box. With a total weight of 1kg (2.2lb), you’ll have enough charcoals for numerous shisha sessions, ensuring you can enjoy your favorite hookah without worrying about running out of charcoals.

Whether you’re a beginner in the world of hookah or an experienced smoker, Three Kings charcoals offer you a reliable and high-quality smoking experience. Their ease of ignition, clean burning, and durability make them an ideal choice for any occasion. So get ready to savor relaxing and flavorful moments with these premium quick lighting charcoals.


About Three Kings Charcoal


Discover the pinnacle of hookah charcoal excellence with Three Kings quick lighting charcoals. Crafted in Holland with a 33mm diameter, these charcoals are celebrated for their superior quality and clean, efficient burn. Experience the convenience of quick lighting design, igniting in seconds with a lighter or torch. Each box boasts 10 packs, totaling 100 33mm charcoal tablets, providing hours of uninterrupted shisha enjoyment. Whether you’re a novice or a connoisseur, Three Kings delivers a dependable, high-quality smoking experience for all occasions. Elevate your hookah sessions with these premium quick lighting charcoals and savor every moment.

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