Three Kings Hookah Charcoal 40mm

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The Five Pillars of Three Kings Hookah Charcoal 40mm


Three Kings quick lighting hookah charcoals are quality clean-burning hookah coals manufactured in Holland. Just like other brands of quick lighting hookah coals, these coals are easily lit with a lighter or torch lighter and are fully lit in less than a minute. The box contains 10 packs with 10 tablets of 40 mm diameter charcoals totaling 100 quick light charcoal tabs.


  • Efficient Ignition: Swiftly comes to life in seconds with a simple lighter or torch lighter.
  • Abundant Supply: Each box contains 10 packs, ensuring an extended and satisfying hookah experience.
  • Generous Size: Boasting a 40mm diameter, each charcoal tablet provides substantial surface area for consistent and prolonged heat distribution.
  • Commitment to Convenience: The inclusion of 10 packs reflects a dedication to ensuring your convenience and satisfaction.
  • High-Quality Package: With a total weight of 1kg (2.2lb), this package offers a substantial amount of premium charcoal, perfect for numerous hookah sessions.

Experience the epitome of quality, efficiency, and unparalleled hookah enjoyment with Three Kings Hookah Charcoal 40mm.

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Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 in

Three Kings Hookah Charcoal 40mm


Transform Your Hookah Experience with Premium Quick-Lighting Brilliance!


Three Kings Hookah Charcoal 40mm is the epitome of excellence when it comes to quick-lighting hookah coals. Crafted with precision and quality in mind, these charcoals are the result of meticulous manufacturing in the renowned facilities of Holland, ensuring a premium and clean-burning experience for hookah enthusiasts.

Unlike ordinary coals, Three Kings quick-lighting charcoals boast a remarkable efficiency in ignition. With just a simple lighter or torch lighter, these coals come to life in a matter of seconds, reaching full ignition in less than a minute. This swift and hassle-free lighting process eliminates the need for prolonged wait times, allowing you to indulge in your hookah experience without delay.

Each box of Three Kings Hookah Charcoal comprises 10 packs, providing you with an ample supply for extended enjoyment. Within these packs, you’ll find a total of 100 charcoal tablets, each boasting a generous 40mm diameter. This size ensures substantial surface area for consistent, prolonged heat distribution, delivering a smooth, flavorful hookah session experience.

The inclusion of 10 packs not only guarantees an abundant charcoal reserve but also showcases the commitment to convenience and satisfaction that Three Kings brings to the table. 1kg package provides high-quality charcoal for numerous hookah sessions, ensuring you’re well-equipped with substantial weight for an enhanced experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned hookah connoisseur or a casual enthusiast, Three Kings Hookah Charcoal 40mm stands as the go-to choice for those who value quality, efficiency, and an unparalleled hookah experience. Elevate your sessions with these premium quick-lighting charcoals and savor every moment of flavor-packed enjoyment.


About Three Kings Hookah Charcoal


About Three Kings Hookah Charcoal: Immerse yourself in the pinnacle of hookah enjoyment with Three Kings Hookah Charcoal. Meticulously crafted in Holland, these quick-lighting coals redefine convenience. Effortlessly ignited in seconds, each pack contains 10 tablets of 40mm diameter, guaranteeing consistent, clean-burning sessions. With 10 packs per box and a total weight of 1kg, Three Kings prioritizes satisfaction, ensuring you’re prepared for countless flavorful hookah moments. Choose excellence, choose Three Kings Hookah Charcoal for an unparalleled experience.

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