Al Fakher Hookah Tobacco 250g

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Weight 0.55 lbs
Dimensions 3.9 × 3.9 × 3.9 in

Berry, Blueberry, Blueberry Mint, Citrus Mint, Cocktail, Coconut, Grape, Grape Mint, Grenadine, Guava, Gum Mint, Kiwi, Lemon, Lemon Mint, Lucid Dream, Magic Love, Mango, Mint, Mint With Cream, Mojito, Orange, Orange Mint, Peach, Pineapple, Rose, Strawberry, Strawberry Cream, Two Apple, Watermelon, Watermelon Mint, Bubbly, California, Cherry, Cherry Mint, Diamond Dust, Dream Scape, Florida, Fresh, Georgia, Grapefruit, Grapefruit With Mint, Gum, Harvest Moon, Orange Cream, Plum, Two Apple With Mint, Vanilla

Al Fakher Hookah Tobacco

Founded in 1999 and hailing from the United Arab Emirates, Al Fakher Hookah Tobacco is a pioneer on the global hookah scene, captivating enthusiasts from around the world and welcoming newcomers with open arms. With a legacy spanning decades, they have earned their place as true pioneers in the industry.

Unwavering dedication to product quality.

Al Fakher Hookah Tobacco a distinctive range of flavors that are easy to use and designed to blend perfectly. Not to mention, our new packaging also ensures that your shisha experience stays fresh and lasts longer.

Al Fakher improves your experience without limits. That’s why they focus on every aspect of your shisha experience.
From sourcing the highest quality ingredients to innovative product research and development.

Al Fakher’s simple menu offers a delicious variety of flavors, making your bong experience effortlessly enjoyable. Whether you prefer to savor the simplicity of individual flavors or get creative with unique combinations, their selection invites you to explore a world of shisha possibilities. Join the Al Fakher community and discover the essence of authentic hookah tradition.

Al Fakher has three different presentations:

  • Al Fakher Hookah 50gr (pack of 10 pieces of 50gr)
  • Al Fakher Hookah 250gr
  • Al Fakher Hookah 1000gr

Learn the best way to assemble a bowl with Al Kakher tobacco with one of our collaborators.

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