Cyril Hose Connector

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Pleasure with the Cyril Connector


The Cyril Hose Conector solves this problem by giving you an easy way to connect and disconnect your hose from the Shisha.


  • Effortless Connection: Connect and disconnect your hookah hose with ease.
  • Innovative Design: Eliminates hassles and frustrations of traditional hose connections.
  • Secure Fit: Crafted from high-quality materials for a secure and airtight fit.
  • Convenient Usage: Ergonomic and compact design for easy carrying and use anywhere.
  • Seamless Smoking Experience: Enjoy hassle-free hookah sessions with peace of mind.

Additional information

Weight .05 lbs
Dimensions 2 × .3 × .3 in

Black, Black – Yellow, Blue, Gold, Gray, Green, Light Blue, Purple, Red, Silver

Cyril Hose Connector


Upgrade Your Hookah Setup


The Cyril Hose Connector addresses this issue by providing you with an effortless way to connect and disconnect your hose from the Shisha. With its innovative and functional design, this accessory eliminates the hassles and frustrations associated with hooking up the hose to your favorite water pipe. Crafted from durable materials, Cyril connector ensures a secure fit, enabling a seamless smoking experience with its high-quality construction.

Forget about cumbersome adjustments or loose connections; with the Cyril connector, enjoying your hookah has never been easier and more convenient. Furthermore, its ergonomic and compact design makes it perfect for carrying and using anywhere. Simplify hookah session with Hose Connector, experiencing convenience and peace of mind with its ingenious design.


About Cyril Hose Connector


Experience effortless hookah sessions with the incredible Hose Connector. Designed to simplify your hose connections and disconnections from your Shisha, this innovative accessory eliminates frustration and hassle. Crafted from durable materials, it ensures a secure fit, providing a seamless smoking experience. Its ergonomic, compact design allows for easy portability. Simplify your hookah enjoyment with the Hose Connector.

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