Alpha Hookah Plate for Model X (No.19)

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Superior Design and Functionality


  • Outstanding Design: Experience a remarkable blend of functionality and elegance in one of the most exceptional hookah plate designs ever created.
  • Generous Surface: Accommodate lit charcoal with ease on the plate’s ample surface, providing secure space for this essential hookah component.
  • High-Quality Texture: Enjoy enhanced aesthetic appeal with the plate’s high-quality texture, elevating the overall visual experience.
  • Efficient Ash Catching: Ensure a hassle-free session as the plate efficiently catches ash, preventing unwanted residues on the floor.
  • Meticulous Design: Reflecting Alpha’s attention to detail, each element is meticulously considered, delivering superior stability, charcoal containment, and cleanliness. Invest in style, quality, and unmatched durability for an enhanced smoking experience.
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Additional information

Weight 0.8 lbs
Dimensions 11.4 × 11.4 × 0.1 in

Alpha Hookah Plate for Model X (No.19)


Unparalleled Style and Functionality


The extraordinary plate for the Alpha hookah, Model X (No.19), stands out for its perfectly balanced size, masterfully designed to ensure a solid and aesthetically pleasing base. Innovative plate boasts exceptional design for accessory, providing outstanding functionality and a touch of unique elegance for unparalleled appeal.

With a generous surface, the plate comfortably accommodates the lit charcoal, providing ample and secure space for this essential component of the hookah experience. High-quality texture enhances aesthetics, efficiently catches ash, preventing floor mess. Hassle-free sessions without unwanted residues for an elevated experience.

The carefully thought-out design of this plate not only focuses on aesthetics and functionality but also reflects Alpha’s attention to detail. Meticulously designed elements ensure a superior hookah experience, offering stability, charcoal containment, and a clean environment.

With the Plate for Model X (No.19), you are not only investing in an essential accessory for your smoking experience, but also adding a touch of style and exceptional quality to your setup. Discover a new dimension of enjoyment with this plate that combines perfect functionality, elegant design, and unmatched durability.


About Alpha Hookah Plate for Model X


Elevate your hookah experience with the Alpha Model X (No.19) Hookah Plate. Its perfectly balanced size ensures a solid base, complemented by an outstanding design for both functionality and unique elegance. The generous surface comfortably holds lit charcoal, preventing unwanted ash on the floor. Alpha’s meticulous attention to detail guarantees superior stability and cleanliness. Invest in essential style and quality with the Plate for Model X (No.19).

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