Russian Basket Medium

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Explore the Essentials of the Russian Basket Medium for an Elevated Hookah Experience!


Enhance your bong experience with our genuine wood bong charcoal holders. With circles that are perfect for coals, as well as a tight, secure fit to keep ashes from flying out, these Hookah accessories make it easy to transition from one coal to the next and back again.

  • Authentic wood charcoal holders for optimal tobacco combustion.
  • Secure fit to prevent ashes from disrupting your session.
  • Seamless transition between coals for uninterrupted enjoyment.
  • Master box packaging with 12 high-quality pieces for lasting supply.
  • Convenience and relaxation with ample wood charcoal holders at your disposal.

The masterbox includes 12 pieces.

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Additional information

Weight 1.7 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 5.9 × 5.9 in

Russian Basket Medium


Elevate Your Hookah Experience with Russian Basket Medium – Unrivaled Quality in Every Puff!


Immerse yourself in an even more exceptional smoking experience with our innovative product, the “Russian Basket Medium.” This product is designed to elevate your hookah ritual, featuring authentic wood charcoal holders that take your smoking experience to the next level.

Picture perfectly designed circles to accommodate coals, providing even heat distribution for optimal tobacco combustion. The precise adaptation of these holders ensures a secure fit on your hookah, preventing ashes from scattering and disrupting your smoking session. Essentially, these water pipe accessories simplify coal transitions and ensure uninterrupted enjoyment, alleviating worries about potential inconveniences during each puff.

But that’s not all. Our “Russian Basket Medium” product comes in a convenient master box that contains the astonishing quantity of 12 pieces. This not only means you’re acquiring a high-quality product, but also ensuring a long-lasting supply that will accompany you through numerous smoking sessions. Generous wood charcoal holders offer uninterrupted hookah sessions, allowing relaxation and ensuring unforgettable moments without interruptions.

In summary, the Basket Medium is not just a charcoal holder; it is an essential enhancement for your hookah smoking experience. Do not compromise the quality of your smoking sessions; invest in excellence with our product that combines functionality, style, and convenience in each circle designed to enhance your smoking pleasure.


About Russian Basket Medium


Discover the pinnacle of hookah indulgence with our revolutionary Basket Medium. Elevate your smoking ritual with authentic wood charcoal holders, ensuring even heat distribution and a secure fit on your hookah. Transition effortlessly between coals with these accessories that promise an uninterrupted, unforgettable experience. Packaged in a master box of 12, this product ensures a lasting supply for countless sessions. Choose excellence and enhance your hookah enjoyment with the Basket Medium.

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