Skull Lux Puncher

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Luxe Delight Unveiled: Skull Puncher’s Tale Recited


  • Distinctive design featuring four vibrant colors, each representing a different personality.
  • Striking skull detail meticulously sculpted on the tip, adding a touch of mystery and elegance.
  • Exceptional functionality with a sharp and precise skull tip for easy foil piercing and even heat distribution.
  • Resin construction ensures durability and longevity, promising an elevated smoking experience.
  • A conversation piece that reflects your unique style and passion for shisha, enhancing every smoking session.
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Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions8 × 8 × 8 in

Blue, Purple, Yellow, Gold/Black, Gold/Yellow, Mint/Gold, Red/Gold, Red/Orange

Skull Lux Puncher


Luxe Smoke Delight: Unveiling the Skull Puncher’s Might


Ultimate Skull Lux Puncher for hookah, a masterpiece in the form of art and functionality. Meticulously crafted from high quality resin, this puncher is a must-have for shisha lovers looking for a unique and distinctive experience.

The distinctive design of this punch is highlighted by its four vibrant colors, each representing a different personality. From the enigmatic black that appeals to rebellious spirits, to the passionate red that reveals a fiery passion, each color is masterfully combined to offer a captivating visual experience.

But what really makes this punch a true gem is its most striking detail: a skull on the tip. This meticulously sculpted and detailed skull adds a touch of mystery and macabre elegance to the whole. The choice of the skull as a decorative element conveys an intriguing aesthetic that will capture the attention of everyone present.

This resin-made hookah punch, with its four dazzling colors and skull on the tip, is a conversation piece that will elevate your hookah smoking experience to a new level. Get ready to enjoy unforgettable moments as you explore the exquisite combination of functionality and aesthetic design in every smoke!


About Skull Lux Puncher


Blending art and functionality. Crafted from premium resin, it’s a must-have for shisha enthusiasts seeking a unique experience. Its vibrant colors symbolize distinct personalities, while the meticulously sculpted skull detail adds mystery and elegance. This punch ensures effortless foil piercing, improves heat distribution, and transforms your smoking ritual into an unforgettable art form.

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