Steamulation Cooling Control Adapter

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Cooling Control Adapter for Tailored Smoking Excellence


Steamulation Cooling Control Adapter. This accessory helps you to cool the tobacco head selectively. The adapter directs exhaust air back into the upper smoke column into the bowl. The amount of air is adjustable and can optionally be switched off or remain permanently activated.


  • Selective Cooling Technology: Ingenious design directs exhaust air for unparalleled efficiency, selectively cooling the tobacco head.
  • Customizable Airflow: Tailor each session with adjustable airflow, giving you the freedom to personalize your smoking experience.
  • Optional Shutdown Feature: Take control with the optional shutdown, adjusting cooling intensity or keeping it permanently activated for consistency.
  • Exclusive Steamulation Technology: Experience innovation and precision with exclusive Steamulation technology, ensuring exceptional performance.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Perfect synergy in design and functionality, compatible with Pro X Mini, Pro X Prime (II), and Pro X (III) for an elevated smoking session

Compatible with:

Pro X Mini, Pro X Prime (II), Pro X (III).

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in

Steamulation Cooling Control Adapter


ChillMaster Adapter: Your Flavor, Be the Tastemaker


Introducing the fascinating Steamulation Cooling Control Adapter, an innovative accessory designed to elevate your smoking experience to unprecedented levels. This device is meticulously crafted to give you complete control over your tobacco’s temperature, allowing you to enjoy a personalized and unique smoking session.

The Cooling Control Adapter stands out for its ability to selectively cool the tobacco head. Its ingenious design precisely directs exhaust air back into the upper smoke column, immersing itself in the bowl with unparalleled efficiency. What sets it apart is its ability to adjust the amount of air according to your preferences, giving you the freedom to customize your smoking experience based on your individual tastes. Optional shutdown offers greater control, allowing cooling intensity or permanent activation for a consistent and rewarding experience, enhancing overall satisfaction.

This innovative accessory incorporates the exclusive Steamulation technology, ensuring exceptional performance and unmatched quality. The perfect synergy between design and functionality makes the Cooling Control Adapter compatible with a select range of models, including Pro X Mini, Pro X Prime (II), and Pro X (III). This adapter, designed for all preferences, elevates smoking sessions with unparalleled temperature control for a unique experience that exceeds expectations.

Discover a new dimension in the smoking experience with the Steamulation Cooling Control Adapter, where precision, innovation, and quality come together to offer you unparalleled moments of pleasure and satisfaction. Get ready to experience the next level of enjoyment with this revolutionary accessory!


About Steamulation Cooling Control Adapter


Crafted accessory that puts temperature control at your fingertips. The ingenious design selectively cools the tobacco head, directing exhaust air to the upper smoke column for unparalleled efficiency. Adjust the air intake to match your preferences, and enjoy a personalized smoking session. With optional shutdown and exclusive Steamulation technology, this adapter is compatible with various models, promising a consistent and rewarding experience. Experience the next level of pleasure and satisfaction with this revolutionary accessory!

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