VYRO Mod Horizon Ashtray Blow-Off

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Unveiling Customized Mastery and Innovative Design


Modify your hookah to your own masterpiece: The Horizon plate allows you a horizontal plate blow-off, for all VYRO hookahs that are “Ready to MOD”. The plate consists of an upper plate to place coal, a lower plate where the smoke collects and a horizontal purge which can also be installed between the different sleeves.


  • Customized Mastery: Tailor your hookah experience to your unique style with this groundbreaking accessory.
  • Ready to MOD Design: Specially crafted for VYRO hookahs ready to be modified, offering a personalized and exceptional session.
  • Horizon Plate Innovation: The centerpiece allows for a horizontal blow-off, ensuring an unparalleled smoking experience.
  • Flavor Intensification: The bottom smoke chamber concentrates and enhances the flavor, delivering dense and flavorful clouds.
  • Personalized Aesthetics and Functionality: The horizontal purge adds an aesthetic touch while enhancing functionality, ensuring smooth, obstruction-free sessions.
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Additional information

Weight0.83 lbs
Dimensions6 × 6 × 6 in

Gold PVD, Rose PVD, Steel

VYRO Mod Horizon Ashtray Blow-Off


Elevate Your Hookah Experience with Blow-Off Brilliance!


Transform your hookah experience and tailor it to your own style with the groundbreaking “VYRO Mod Horizon Ashtray Blow-Off.” This incredible accessory allows you to take your hookah to the next level of mastery and customization. It is specially designed for VYRO hookahs that are ready to be modified, offering a unique experience that caters to your individual preferences.

The Horizon plate is the centerpiece of this transformation, giving you the ability to perform a horizontal blow-off for all “Ready to MOD” VYRO hookahs. This plate consists of several essential layers that enhance your hookah session in an unparalleled way. At the top, a platform designed for charcoal placement ensures even heat distribution, optimizing the smoking experience for perfection.

The bottom part of the plate acts as a smoke chamber, where the smoke accumulates and concentrates, intensifying the flavor and providing dense, flavorful clouds. This unique feature redefines how you enjoy your hookah, elevating each puff to an exceptional level of satisfaction.

Furthermore, the design includes a horizontal purge that can be installed between different sleeves, allowing you to further customize your hookah. Enhancing aesthetics and functionality, this purge ensures smooth, obstruction-free hookah sessions, adding a distinctive touch to each experience.

With the “VYRO Mod Horizon Ashtray Blow-Off,” you’re not just acquiring an accessory; you’re investing in a unique and personalized hookah experience. Elevate smoking sessions, modify your hookah to taste, and craft personalized masterpieces for uniquely enjoyable experiences with newfound freedom. Innovation and excellence converge in this accessory that not only improves your hookah but also redefines how you experience it.


About VYRO Mod Horizon Ashtray Blow-Off


Elevate your hookah sessions with the revolutionary “VYRO Mod Horizon Ashtray Blow-Off.” Specially designed for “Ready to MOD” VYRO hookahs, the Horizon plate allows a horizontal blow-off, enhancing customization. Crafted with essential layers, it ensures even heat distribution and concentrates smoke, intensifying flavor. The horizontal purge adds aesthetic flair and smooth functionality, making each session a personalized masterpiece. Invest in this accessory to redefine and elevate your hookah experience with innovation and excellence.

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