Grommet For Hose – bag 50 pcs

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Bag o’ Grommets: Your Hookah’s Perfect Tag


  • Wide range of rubber options for perfect fit.
  • Made from highest quality materials for durability.
  • Contains 50 pieces for ample supply.
  • Crafted from premium silicone for strong seal.
  • Economical and convenient spare parts option.
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Additional information

Weight 2.50 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

Grommet For Hose – bag 50 pcs


Grommet Swag: Your Hookah’s Best Bag


Discover the perfect solution for your hookah needs with our Grommet For Hose – 50 pcs bag! With a wide range of rubber options available, you can select the perfect fit for your bowl, hose connector, and hookah base. Our grommets are made from the highest quality materials, ensuring durability and strength for worry-free hookah sessions. Each bag contains 50 pieces, providing you with a generous supply to keep your hookah running smoothly. Crafted from premium silicone, these grommets offer a strong and reliable seal, ensuring a leak-free and hassle-free smoking experience. Trust in our quality and choose the grommets that perfectly suit your needs. Get ready to enjoy worry-free hookah sessions with our top-quality grommets!

Additionally, our 50-piece bag provides you with the flexibility to experiment with different configurations and adjustments to optimize your hookah experience. Customize your hookah according to your individual preferences with our high-quality grommets.

Lastly, our grommet bag is an economical and convenient option for hookah enthusiasts who want to ensure they have enough spare parts on hand at all times. With 50 high-quality grommets included in each bag, you can rest assured that you’ll have enough spare parts to replace any worn-out or lost grommet, ensuring that your hookah is always ready to use.


About Grommet For Hose


Get the ultimate hookah accessory with our Grommet For Hose – bag of 50 pcs! Choose from various rubber options for a perfect fit on your bowl, hose connector, and hookah base. Crafted from premium silicone, these grommets provide a strong seal for leak-free smoking. Experiment with different setups and keep your hookah running smoothly with our convenient 50-piece bag.

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