Vyro Travel Bag

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Your Hookah Ritual On-the-Go with Style


The VYRO Travel Bag was designed specifically for the ONE and offers enough space for all essentials for your session. With a size of 7.87in x 8.66in and 6.69in height, the travel bag offers enough space for your ONE, hose, 17 cm mouthpiece, head, HMD, tobacco, head construction cutlery, freeze and coal.


  • Compact Design: Portable at 7.87″ x 8.66″ x 6.69″, yet spacious enough for all essentials.
  • Thoughtful Organization: Meticulously designed for a hassle-free, harmonious hookah experience.
  • Durable Build: Ensures safety with robust construction, protecting your hookah components.
  • Premium Sophistication: The material exudes sophistication, adding style to your hookah ritual.
  • On-the-Go Indulgence: A passport to organized, portable hookah pleasure, making a statement.
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Additional information

Weight.2 lbs
Dimensions8 × 9 × 2 in

Vyro Travel Bag


Journey with Organized Sophistication and On-the-Go Convenience


Introducing the VYRO Travel Bag, a meticulously designed companion tailored exclusively for the ONE enthusiasts who crave a seamless and organized hookah experience on the go. The travel bag, compact yet capacious at 7.87 length, 8.66 width and 6.69 height inches, showcases the detail.

Unveiling a world of convenience, the Travel Bag accommodates your hookah essentials effortlessly. Thoughtfully designed, it creates a harmonious and hassle-free experience.

Imagine a space where your ONE, hose, 17 cm mouthpiece, head, HMD, tobacco, cutlery, freeze, and coal find a snug, secure abode. The travel bag transforms into an organized sanctuary, offering a convenient way to indulge in your passion.

The dimensions of 7.87 inches x 8.66 inches x 6.69 inches were not chosen arbitrarily but with the user in mind. Compact enough to be easily portable, yet spacious enough to house everything you need for a satisfying hookah session, the VYRO Travel Bag strikes the perfect balance between functionality and convenience.

Constructed for durability, the bag ensures the safety of your hookah components, boasting a robust build. The material provides protection and sophistication, reflecting VYRO’s premium quality.


About Vyro Travel Bag


Elevate your hookah experience with the Travel Bag, meticulously crafted for ONE enthusiasts who crave on-the-go perfection. Immerse yourself in hassle-free indulgence, blending convenience, style, and functionality seamlessly.

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