Vyro Penta Hookah

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Vyro Penta Hookah: Redefining Hookah Excellence in 5 Key Features


Discover the Vyro Penta Hookah – a modern masterpiece of hookah engineering. Crafted with precision and premium materials, it elevates your smoking experience with:

  • Innovative Purge System: Smoke emerges gracefully from above, enhancing flavors.
  • Precision Hose Adapter: Ensures seamless, airtight connections for maximum airflow.
  • Lightweight Carbon Fiber Body: Durable and portable with a sleek aesthetic.
  • V2A Stainless Steel Components: Corrosion-resistant, maintaining pristine condition.
  • Customization Flexibility: Choose your hose and handle for a personalized experience.

With brutal performance and high-quality materials such as carbon fiber, V2A steel and resin. Developing an innovative purge system in which the smoke comes out from above.
• Hose adapter.
• Carbon fiber body.
• V2A stainless steel parts


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Additional information

Weight 7.4 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 13 in

Blue, BLUE – AQUA, Blue – Clear, BLUE – FROZEN, Blue Gray, Red, Red – Clear, RED – FROZEN, Red Gray, White, White – Clear, WHITE – FROZEN, White – Gray

Vyro Penta Hookah


Vyro Penta Hookah: Elevating Hookah Culture with Innovation and Luxury


Introducing the Vyro – a true masterpiece of modern hookah engineering, designed to deliver an unparalleled smoking experience like no other. Crafted with an unwavering commitment to excellence, this hookah boasts a perfect fusion of brutal performance and the use of premium, high-quality materials, including carbon fiber, V2A stainless steel, and meticulously curated resin components.

At the heart of the Vyro Penta Hookah is an innovative purge system that redefines the way you enjoy your favorite shisha flavors. Our innovative design directs smoke gracefully from above, a departure from traditional hookahs where it escapes from the base. This creates a mesmerizing visual spectacle that complements the rich aroma and flavor of your chosen tobacco blend.

As a note of clarity, please be aware that the Penta Hookah is offered as a standalone product, and both the hose and handle are not included in the package. Customize your smoking experience by choosing the hose and handle that best match your style and needs, offering flexibility.

Elevate your hookah experience to new heights with the Penta Hookah – a symbol of craftsmanship, innovation, and the pursuit of smoking perfection. Explore flavor, luxury, and the Penta Hookah—the preferred choice of discerning hookah enthusiasts worldwide, offering a world of elegance.


About Penta Hookah


Elevate Your Smoking Experience with Innovation and Luxury. Discover the Penta Hookah, a masterpiece of modern engineering that combines premium materials like carbon fiber and V2A stainless steel. Our innovative purge system redefines shisha enjoyment, allowing smoke to emerge from above for a mesmerizing experience. With a precision hose adapter and durable construction, this hookah delivers unmatched performance. Note: Hose and handle not included, providing customization options for your unique style.

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