Alpha Hookah Classic Plate

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Alpha Hookah Classic Plate: Elevate Your Shisha Ritual with Functional Elegance


  • Exceptional Durability: Crafted to withstand heat, this plate ensures longevity, making it a fundamental addition to any hookah setup.

  • Precision Laser-Cut Artwork: The intricate designs not only add elegance but also guarantee superior quality finishes, creating a visually stunning appearance.

  • Stain-Resistant Surface: Specially treated to resist stains, this feature ensures easy cleaning, maintaining optimal hygiene for a pristine smoking experience.

  • Granulated Matte Black Design: Adding a modern touch, the granulated texture not only enhances the aesthetic but also provides a secure grip for convenient handling of coals and accessories.

  • Functional Artistry: More than just a functional plate, the Alpha Hookah Classic Plate is a work of art designed to enhance your entire smoking experience.
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Additional information

Weight1.1 lbs
Dimensions11.8 × 11.8 × 0.1 in

Alpha Hookah Classic Plate


Alpha Hookah Classic: Elevate with the Elite Plate


The Alpha Hookah Classic Plate is the perfect choice for shisha enthusiasts seeking a durable and aesthetically pleasing component to enhance their smoking experience. High-quality stainless steel construction ensures enduring durability, making this plate an essential addition to any hookah, designed to withstand heat.

The precision laser-cut artwork used in its design not only adds a touch of elegance but also ensures superior quality in the finishes. Exquisite details, contours, and engravings create a visually stunning appearance, seamlessly complementing any hookah type with meticulous attention to detail.

The plate’s surface has been specially treated to resist stains, making it easy to clean and maintain. Essential for hygiene enthusiasts, maintaining the hookah in optimal condition is ensured by this crucial feature. Effortless cleaning ensures hygiene and prolongs the plate’s lifespan, making it a durable, long-term investment for an enhanced smoking experience.

The granulated matte black design adds a modern and sophisticated touch to the plate, elevating the aesthetic of your hookah. Granulated texture enhances grip for easy handling of coals and accessories during shisha sessions, offering both visual appeal and practicality.

In summary, the Hookah Classic Plate is not just a functional and robust plate, but also a work of art designed to enhance your smoking experience. Durable, easy to clean, modern aesthetics – an excellent choice for top hookah accessories, offering outstanding qualities in design and maintenance.


About Alpha Hookah Classic Plate


Crafted from premium stainless steel, this heat-resistant plate combines durability with precision laser-cut artwork for a visually stunning addition to any hookah setup. Specially treated to resist stains, its easy maintenance ensures a hygienic smoking experience. Granulated matte black design modernizes and improves grip, ideal for hookah enthusiasts seeking excellence in accessories with a contemporary touch. Elevate your smoking ritual with Hookah Classic Plate – where durability meets artistry.

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