Steamulation Heat Manegement System

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World’s only flexible Heat Management System with eight different heat levels between the charcoal and tobacco!
• The cylindrical shape leads to an even and symmetrical smoking of tobacco.
• Comes with an adaptive aluminum ring.
• It works with all bowls than any other Heat Management device.

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Weight0.2 lbs
Dimensions3.00 × 4.00 × 4.00 in

Introducing the revolutionary Steamulation Heat Manegement System, the world’s first and only flexible heat control system with an astounding eight different heat levels between the charcoal and tobacco! Experience the pinnacle of customization as you explore the full spectrum of heat adjustments tailored to your personal preference and the unique characteristics of your Shisha Set-up and tobacco flavors.

Unleash the power of precise heat control with Steamulation HMS. Our innovative design allows for simultaneous adjustments in distance and airflow, resulting in unparalleled responsiveness and the fastest heat regulation on the market. Enjoy effortless control over your smoking experience like never before.

Experience the symphony of even heat distribution with the cylindrical shape of Steamulation Heat Manegement System. Every puff delivers a perfectly balanced and symmetrical smoking session, maximizing the intensity of flavors and extending your smoking pleasure to new horizons.

But that’s not all—Steamulation HMS proudly holds the title of the most compatible Heat Management device on the market. Seamlessly integrate it with a wide range of hookah setups, allowing you to explore endless possibilities and enhance your smoking sessions to perfection.

Embrace the future of heat management and elevate your hookah experience to extraordinary heights with Steamulation HMS. Discover the art of precision, unleash the flavors, and savor every moment of your smoking journey with this groundbreaking innovation.